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Payroll, Finding Subs, Sick Hours

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You are responsible for attending all hours of your shifts each week, regardless of the number of student appointments that are scheduled. 

Payroll / Timesheets

To enter hours and notes about OCT visits and log class visit and other work hours, visit TracCloud. Instructions on how to enter Work Visits for payroll

Stanford has two pay periods per month: the 1st - 15th, and 16th through the end of the month.  Payroll hours are generally due at 11:59pm on the last business day of each pay period, or a prior business day if the pay period ends on the weekend. You will receive timesheet reminder emails with detailed instructions. 

Important:  All hours must be entered within the pay period during which they were worked. If you repeatedly submit late hours you’ll need to meet with staff to discuss the issue.

Scheduling Rooms for Extra Appointments

You may arrange to meet with students outside your regularly-scheduled shift. Please email ahead of time for approval. Whenever possible, the equivalent number of your open shift hours will be cancelled that week. 

To reserve a room for an extra appointment, email or

OCT Rehearsal Rooms in the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking: All OCT shifts take place in Building 250, rooms 202, 204, 205 and 215.

Finding an OCT Sub for a Hume Shift

If you cannot make your shift, it is your responsibility to find a sub.  Start looking early!  Undergrad OCTs should email with the day, time, and location of your Hume shift. Grad OCTs should email with the date and time of your Hume shift.

Finding an OCT sub for a Class Visit

Both Undergrad and Grad OCTs can e-mail to request a sub for your class visit.  Provide the day, time, and location of your assignment, and any relevant details.  Plan ahead and send your request as early as possible.

Sick Hours

First, go to Admin Guide 10.3.1 Sick Time for Student Hourly Employees to review paid sick time accrual and usage policies for Stanford student hourly employees. Once you’ve reviewed the admin guide, follow the steps below to report sick hours. All sick hours must be reported in Axess, not in TutorTrac.

Step 1: Verify that you have accrued sick time by clicking on the “Leave Time” tab.

Step 2: Go to the date you were sick.

Step 3: Under the Time Reporting Code column, select “Sick Contingent” from the drop-down.

Step 4: In the Hours column, type in the number of hours you are applying. This number should not be greater than your shift time or exceed the number of hours shown in the Leave Time window.

(Screenshot of sample sick hours on timecard.)


All of the OCT rehearsal rooms are fully equipped with cameras, presentation remotes, cables, and Mac adaptors. If you need equipment for a PWR 2 class, you can check it out from the equipment cabinets in 250-104. Please sign equipment in and out using the equipment binder next to the lock box.