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OCT Job Description and Expectations

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As an Oral Communication Tutor, your core job is to assist undergraduate or graduate students at all stages of the oral presentation process to help build their speaking confidence and competence. You get to meet with students from a variety of academic disciplines to brainstorm, organize, and rehearse oral presentations.  The types of speaking-related issues that come up frequently include structure and clarity of message, delivery, voice, pacing, non-verbal communication, effective use of visual aids, interviewing skills, and overcoming speech anxiety. 

In addition to shifts at the Hume Center, there are opportunities to work with classes that emphasize oral presentation, e.g. a PWR 2 class or WR-2 seminars.  Other assignments include visiting classes to promote Hume Center services, giving workshops on voice or presentation skills, providing in-class assistance with filming a presentation, giving oral feedback, or facilitating a rehearsal for a small group of students. 

OCTs play an important role as de facto ambassadors of the Oral Communication Program and the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking. To help our program run smoothly and with integrity, please review the work expectations by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Undergraduate OCT Work Expectations

Graduate OCT Work Expectations


In addition to the work expectations, we require OCTs to honor the confidentiality of all sensitive information they may be entrusted with, and take care in handling any privileged information so that it is not accidentally or intentionally disclosed.

The OCT job expectations and specific guidelines on confidentiality will be provided to you in your offer letter and confidentiality agreement.  For more information on payroll logistics, please see the “Payroll and Hourly Work Guidelines” page on this site.

Contact Janet Kim (650) 725-7667 with any questions or concerns.