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Emergency Procedures

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Campus-wide emergencies

  • Make sure your contact information is current for StanfordWho and self-emergency notification via AlertSU. 
  • Be careful walking alone in the dark. 5-SURE ( offers rides 7 days per week during the academic year, 9pm-1:45am. Call (650) 725-SURE or (650) 725-7873 to request a ride.
  • Familiarize yourself with the nearest Emergency Assembly Point (EAP).  The closest one to Hume Center EAP #8 outside Building 240. 
  • Familiarize yourself with these emergency resources from Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).

What to do when problems arise that affect OCT work

Contact Janet and/or the Hume Center ASAP if problems arise.  Always CC Janet on email correspondence and contact her with updates about any problems that come up during shifts.

If you can’t get into Hume Center from the outside

  • Knock loudly
  • Call 650-723-0045 (Hume reception) or 650-725-7667 (Janet)
  • If all else fails, post a sign on the door indicating there is a problem with access

If you have a personal emergency and you cannot attend a shift

If you have a personal emergency and you cannot attend a class

  • Do your best to avoid this situation by contacting Janet in advance about potential conflicts.  Missing a class is extremely problematic as it is difficult to find subs and it affects many people at once.
  • Contact Janet (call and email) and the OCT list to find a sub.
  • Contact the instructor and CC Janet about the problem. Let the instructor know about your situation and apologize for the impact your absence will have on the class. 
  • Give as much notice as possible.

If you forget to have a student log in /out

  • If your student logs in and out at the kiosk, the appointment status will automatically be marked correctly. 
  • If this doesn’t happen, there are several problems:
  1. The student receives an inaccurate, automatically-generated missed appointment notification via email 
  2. The student does not receive a survey about their visit
  3. Our data collection is inaccurate
  4. Janet must correct things manually
  • To avoid these problems, please remind students to log in and out of the kiosks. Or contact Janet to correct the appointment status in TutorTrac.