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Medical School Interviews

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There are four types of medical school interviews, which vary by school:

  1. Open file (previously viewed application materials)
  2. Close file (application materials not viewed)
  3. Group
  4. Speed interview (a.k.a., MMI – Multiple Mini Interviews)
  • Like speed dating - 10 short 8-minute interviews
  • The idea is to be able to talk for about 8 minutes about one subject, while demonstrating a clear thought process and communication style and being ethical.

Also, interviews are sometimes with a student interviewer, sometimes with faculty.

For a medical school mock interview: vary open-ended and closed questions.

Consider controversial questions (would you perform abortion?) The "why" is more important than the yes or no.

Printable Medical School Interview Handout

Online Resource for a traditional Interview -

Sample MMI:

MMI Style Discussion -