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Case/Consulting Interviews

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Some students will want to practice case study interviews. While we do not offer thorough case study mock interviews, we can do our best to help the client with general interview preparation.

Interviews for consulting positions are typically structured as follows:

  1. Personal interview, usually 10-15 minutes. Tell interviewee to "Walk me through your resume." Demonstrating ability to be team member is important.
  2. The case - A specific business problem, usually the longer part of the interview. The interviewee needs to develop a plan and talk through the reasoning. Interviewer should ask follow up questions, ask them to go deeper.

Example: Gum manufacturer needs to cut costs - here are some options to cut - which do you think should be cut and why?

There are also sometimes tricky questions like "How many beds are sold each year in America?" More important to walk through reasoning than get the right answer.

You can Google search examples for additional case questions for consulting positions.

Encourage the interviewee to be as concise as possible, while demonstrating they could go more deep into it if asked to.

See a Case Questions Interactive - Currently unavailable

Management Consulting Interview Presentation by Daniel Rubin (former OCT)