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Graduate OCT Work Expectations

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  1. Tutoring:  Coach students using the principles discussed in ORALCOMM 119.  Email or call Janet Kim with any questions about tutoring practices. 
  2. Correspondence:  Read all correspondence regarding OCT work that is sent to your Stanford email address carefully and respond promptly.  Take initiative and contact Janet Kim whenever there is a question, need for clarification or concern about any aspect of OCT work.
  3. Timely attendance:  Arrive 5 minutes early and attend the full duration of all hours of your shifts each week, regardless of the number of student appointments that are scheduled.
  4. Timely class visits:  Arrive 5 minutes early and attend all scheduled class visits.  Correspond with Janet Kim and the instructor/organizer ahead of time to ensure you understand your role.
  5. Finding substitutes:  If you cannot make your shift or scheduled class visit, it is your responsibility to find a sub in advance.
  6. Ongoing Professional Development: Attend professional development meetings at the Hume Center, of which there are 2-4 per quarter, and record your attendance in TutorTrac.  These meetings are paid events.
  7. Extra appointments:  If you find you’d like to schedule appointments outside your regularly-scheduled shifts, email Janet Kim ahead of time for approval. Whenever possible, the equivalent number of open regular-shift hours will be cancelled.
  8. Equipment: If you need to check out equipment, be sure to sign the equipment in and out using the equipment binder.  Please keep the lock box code confidential.
  9. Payroll logistics: Turn in timesheets (Work Visits in TutorTrac, including notes) for all of your hours within the pay period during which they were worked.  Janet will send out email reminders.  If you repeatedly submit your hours late, you’ll need to meet with OCP staff to discuss the issue.
  10. Maximum hours:  As a non-exempt employee, you are subject to the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. University policy requires all overtime work to be approved in advance by Janet Kim.
    • If you have multiple jobs on campus, you need to be careful not to exceed the following maximums (for all hourly jobs, combined):
      • No one should work more than 5 consecutive hours or more than 8 hours in a day
      • Graduate students appointed to a 50% assistantship, or holding a full fellowship, should not work a total of more than 8 hours of work in a week (Monday-Sunday) for all jobs combined.
      • For additional information, please see Section 10.2.2 of the Administrative Guide on Graduate Student Hourly Employment here: 
  11. Sick time benefits:  All non-exempt employees accrue sick time benefits the rate of .03334 hours per hour worked.  If you are using accrued sick hours as outlined in Administrative Guide Memo 10.3.1, it is your responsibility to record this time on your current Axess timecard.
  12. Emergencies:  If something comes up unexpectedly that affects your OCT work, contact Janet Kim ( or the Hume Center ( right away.
  13. Class Assignment Limitation:  OCTs are required to work with at least one class (or more) per academic year.  You may not serve as the OCT in a class in which you are enrolled as a student.